Trying out some new series

I’m experimenting with some new series that I’ve created. I’ve got ideas for over 50 series, so we’ll see how that goes…

Here are a few of the series that have stories published on Amazon.

UFOs & GMOs – A series of stand alone tales of unidentified flying objects and genetically modified organisms.

UFOs & GMOs series on Amazon



After no one claims ownership of strange drones that appear to be spraying crops with an unknown fertilizer, a local reporter digs deeper to uncover the truth behind their mysterious appearance.

Drones on Amazon



Castles, Crypts & Creatures – A series of stand alone tales of mysterious castles, creepy crypts, and unearthly creatures.

Castles, Crypts & Creatures series on Amazon



Monster in the Moat

After the inhabitants of Castle Manchester find themselves trapped by a mysterious creature, a young gong farmer must defeat the monster lurking in the moat before everyone within the castle starves to death.

Monster in the Moat on Amazon



Ravens, Rats & Reapers – A series of stand-alone tales featuring darkly intelligent birds, clever rodents, and sinister unworldly forces.

Ravens, Rats & Reapers series on Amazon



Raven Mother

After losing her mate and being forced to leave her nest unguarded while she forages for food, a raven mother fights back against those who would steal her eggs.

Raven Mother on Amazon




Arrows & Alchemy – a series of stand-alone tales of archery and dark magic.

The Arrows & Alchemy series on Amazon


The Magic Arrow


The Magic Arrow

After his village is targeted by an abusive wizard, a young archer searches for the sacred tree that will provide him with the magic wood needed to create the only arrows powerful enough to stop the enemy.

The Magic Arrow on Amazon



Fairies & Phantoms – a series of stand-alone tales of wee winged folk and ethereal beings.

The Fairies & Phantoms series on Amazon






After being trapped and imprisoned, a group of desperate fairies must escape the confines of their cages before they suffer at the hands of their vengeful captor.

Caged on Amazon



Mobsters & Magic™Mobsters & Magic – a series of stand-alone tales of magic and the mob.

The Mobsters & Magic series on Amazon




Let’s Go For A Ride

After becoming the owner of a new lucky rabbit’s foot, a nervous mob henchman must come to terms with just how far his newfound luck will take him.

Let’s Go For A Ride on Amazon



Tumbleweeds & Terror – a series of stand-alone tales of the weird west.

The Tumbleweeds & Terror series on Amazon





After looking for a quiet town where he can finally hang up his gun belt, a weary gunslinger has to face one final enemy before he can retire in peace.

Tumbleweeds on Amazon