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Land of Fright™ Mega Collection 3 is Available Now!

Land of Fright™ Mega Collection 3 is Available Now!

This is the 3rd Mega Collection in the Land of Fright™ series of weird tales. Land of Fright™ is intended for mature audiences.

Land of Fright™ Mega Collection 3 includes these twenty-five weird tales:

#51 – Zombie Carnival
Two couples stumble upon a zombie-themed carnival.

#52 – Going Green
Drug runners trying to double cross their boss get a taste of strong voodoo magic.

#53 – Message In A Bottle
A bottle floats onto the beach of a private island with an unnerving message trapped inside.

#54 – The Chase
In 18th century England, a desperate chase is on as a monstrous beast charges after a fleeing wagon, a wagon occupied by too many people…

#55 – Who’s Your Daddy?
A lonely schoolteacher is disturbed by how much all of the students in her class look alike.

#56 – Beheaded
In 14th century England, a daughter vows revenge upon those who beheaded her father.

#57 – Hold Your Breath
A divorced mother of one confronts the horrible truth behind the myth of holding one’s breath when driving past a cemetery.

#58 – Viral
What makes a civilization fall? Forces of nature? Barbarous invasions? Decline from within due to moral decay? Or could it be something more insidious?

#59 – Top Secret
A special forces agent confronts the villainous characters from his past, but discovers something even more dangerous. Trust.

#60 – Immortals Must Die
The attainment of immortality has depleted the world of available souls. So what do you do if you are desperate to have a child?

#61 – Garage Sale Secrets
A man finds a mysterious item in a neighborhood garage sale that threatens to reveal the dark secrets of his past.

#62 – Thief’s Reward
A down-on-his-luck thief vows revenge on the wizard who has cursed his manhood.

#63 – Open Up a Can of Whoop Ass
An abused homeless man opens up a mysterious beverage and is amazed to discover what comes out of the can.

#64 – Staring Contest
The proprietor of a wax museum warns his guests not to stare too long into the eyes of his wax beauties. Because they just might blink back.

#65 – Penny for Your Thoughts
What if enough people thinking about something made it true? And what if those thoughts were up for sale?

#66 – The Candy Jar
The gift of a candy jar excites three siblings. Until they see what horrors come out of the jar…

#67 – Perils of Poorism
Wealthy tourists take a tour of slums in India to get a glimpse of what life is like for the downtrodden and poor.

#68 – Night Watchman
An elderly security guard listens to an old radio show, fantasizing about being a hero from his youth.

#69 – Me, Myself, and Me Again
A man meets other versions of himself from parallel dimensions and soon comes to realize the vital role he will need to play to save millions of universes from destruction.

#70 – Ghosts of Castle LongShadow
The shadow-infecting blight that thrives on the cursed lands of Castle LongShadow threatens the lives of two young treasure-hunters.

#71 – In the Trenches
Soldiers trapped in the trenches of World War 1 must battle a new demonic enemy that attacks them from the skies.

#72 – Tea Time
A mysterious tea tantalizes a man with its enigmatic ingredients. Will it truly reveal the secret truth he so desperately longs for?

#73 – The Black Coffin
A strange and ominous black coffin bewitches the residents of a small Kansas town in the 1880’s.

#74 – Forest of Fear
A forest favored by those with suicidal tendencies gives life to a strange creature.

#75 – Starseed Seven
A team of exoplanet explorers encounter the wreckage of an ancient planet-seeding vessel that had disappeared centuries earlier.

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