Land of Fright Mega Collection 1

Land of Fright™ Mega Collection 1

Land of Fright Collection IBuy Land of Fright™ Mega Collection 1 on Amazon

Land of Fright™ Mega Collection 1 contains Horror Short Stories #1 thru #25 from the Land of Fright™ series listed below:

#1Whirring Blades - Land of Fright™ #1

Whirring Blades – A simple late-night trip to the mall for a father and his son turns into a struggle for survival.

The Big Leagues - Land of Fright™#2#2

The Big Leagues – A scorned young baseball player shows his teammates he really knows how to play ball with the best of them.

#3Snowflakes - Land of Fright™ #3

Snowflakes – In the land of Frawst, special snowflakes are a gift from the gods, capable of transferring the knowledge of the Ancients. A young woman searches the skies with breathless anticipation for her snowflake, but finds something far more dark and dangerous instead.

End of the Rainbow - Land of Fright™ #4#4

End of the Rainbow – In Medieval England, a warrior and his woman find the end of a massive rainbow that has filled the sky.

Trophy Wives - Land of Fright™ #5#5

Trophy Wives – An enigmatic sculptor meets a beautiful woman whom he vows will be his next subject.

Die-orama - Land of Fright™ #6#6

Diorama – A petty thief finds out that a WWII model diorama in his local hobby shop holds much more than just plastic vehicles and plastic soldiers.

Creature in the Creek - Land of Fright™ #7#7

Creature in the Creek – A lonely young woman finds her favorite secluded spot inhabited by a monster from her past.

The Emperor of Fear - Land of Fright™ #8#8

The Emperor of Fear – In ancient Rome, two colosseum workers encounter a mysterious crate containing an unearthly creature. Just in time for the next gladiator games…

The Towers That Fell From The Sky - Land of Fright™ #9#9

The Towers That Fell From The Sky – Two analysts race to uncover the secret purpose of the giant alien towers that have thundered down out of the skies.

God Save the Queen - Land of Fright™ #10#10

God Save the Queen – An exterminator piloting an ant-sized robot comes face to face with the queen of a nest he has been assigned to destroy.

Special Announcement - Land of Fright™ #11#11

Special Announcement – A fraud investigator discovers the disturbing truth behind the messages on a community announcement board.

Poisoned Land - Land of Fright™ #12#12

Poisoned Land – Savage hunters patrol the Poisoned Lands, demanding appeasement from the three survivors trapped in a surrounded building.

Pool of Light - Land of Fright™ #13#13

Pool of Light – A mysterious wave of dark energy from space washes over the Earth, trapping a woman and her friends in pools of light. Beyond the edges of the light, deep pockets of darkness hold much more than just empty blackness.

Ghosts of Pompeii - Land of Fright™ #14#14

Ghosts of Pompeii – A woman on a tour of Italy with her son unwittingly awakens the ghosts of Pompeii.

Sparklers - Land of Fright™ #15#15

Sparklers – A child’s sparkler opens a doorway to another dimension and a father must enter it to save his family and his neighborhood from the ominous threat that lays beyond.

The Grid - Land of Fright™ #16#16

The Grid – An interstellar salvage crew activates a mysterious grid on an abandoned vessel floating in space, unleashing a deadly force.

The Barn - Land of Fright™ #17#17

The Barn – An empty barn beckons an amateur photographer to step through its dark entrance, whispering promises of a once-in-a-lifetime shoot.

Sands of the Colosseum - Land of Fright™ #18#18

Sands of the Colosseum – A businessman in Rome gets to experience the dream of a lifetime when he visits the great Colosseum — until he finds himself standing on the arena floor.

Flipbook - Land of Fright™ #19#19

Flipbook – A sales rep sees a dark future when he watches the tiny animations of a flipbook play out in his hand.

Day of the Hoppers - Land of Fright™ #20#20

Day of the Hoppers – Two boys flee for their lives when their friendly neighborhood grasshoppers turn into deadly projectiles.

The Prospector - Land of Fright Terrorstory #21#21

The Prospector – In the 1800’s, a lonely prospector finds the body parts of a woman as he pans for gold in the wilds of California.

The Boy in the Yearbook - Land of Fright #22#22

The Boy in the Yearbook – Two middle-aged women are tormented by a mysterious photograph in their high school yearbook.

Shot Glass - Land of Fright #23#23

Shot Glass – A man discovers the shot glasses in his great-grandfather’s collection can do much more than just hold a mouthful of liquor.

The Champion - Land of Fright #24#24

The Champion – The arrogant star of a medieval renaissance re-enactment show learns the true meaning of humility.

Hitlers Graveyard - Land of Fright #25#25

Hitler’s Graveyard – American soldiers in WWII uncover a nefarious Nazi plan to resurrect their dead heroes to rejoin the war.

Land of Fright™ Mega Collection 1

Land of Fright Collection IBuy Land of Fright™ Mega Collection 1 on Amazon