Land of Fright Mega Collection 3

Land of Fright™ Mega Collection 3

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Land of Fright™ Mega Collection 3 contains Horror Short Stories #51 thru #75 from the Land of Fright™ series listed below:


Zombie Carnival – Two couples stumble upon a zombie-themed carnival and decide to join the fun.


Going Green – Drug runners trying to double cross their boss get a taste of strong voodoo magic.


Message In A Bottle – A bottle floats onto the beach of a private secluded island with an unnerving message trapped inside.


The Chase – In 18th century England, a desperate chase is on as a monstrous beast charges after a fleeing wagon, a wagon occupied by too many people…


Who’s Your Daddy – A lonely schoolteacher is disturbed by how much all of the students in her class look alike. A visit by a mysterious man sheds some light on the curious situation.


Beheaded – In 14th century England, a daughter vows revenge upon those who beheaded her father. She partners with a lascivious young warlock to restore her family’s honor.


Hold Your Breath – A divorced mother of one confronts the horrible truth behind the myth of holding one’s breath when driving past a cemetery.


Viral – What makes a civilization fall? Volcanoes, earthquakes, or other forces of nature? Barbarous invasions or assaults from hostile forces? Decline from within due to decadence and moral decay? Or could it be something more insidious?


Cemetery Dance – An American Special Forces agent confronts the villainous characters from his past, but discovers something even more dangerous. Trust.


Immortals Must Die – There is no more life force left in the universe. The attainment of immortality has depleted the world of available souls. So what do you do if you are desperate to have a child?

Garage Sale Secrets#61

Garage Sale Secrets – A man finds a mysterious item in a neighborhood garage sale that threatens to reveal the dark secrets of his past.

Thief's Reward#62

Thief’s Reward – A down-on-his-luck thief vows revenge on the wizard who has cursed his manhood.

Open Up a Can of Whoop Ass#63

Open Up a Can of Whoop Ass – A desperately thirsty homeless man opens up a mysterious beverage and is amazed to discover what comes out of the can. Those who have abused him had better beware…

Staring Contest#64

Staring Contest – The proprietor of a wax museum warns his guests not to stare too long into the eyes of his wax beauties. Because they just might blink back.

Penny for Your Thoughts#65

Penny for Your Thoughts – What if enough people thinking about something made it true? What if enough people thinking about something made it happen? And what if those thoughts were up for sale?

The Candy Jar#66

The Candy Jar – The gift of a candy jar excites three siblings. Until they see what horrors come out of the jar…

Perils of Poorism#67

Perils of Poorism – Wealthy tourists take a tour of slums in India to get a glimpse of what life is like for the downtrodden and poor. The downtrodden and poor get a glimpse of what life is like for wealthy tourists when their tour doesn’t go as planned.

Night Watchman#68

Night Watchman – An elderly security guard listens to an old radio show, fantasizing about being a hero from his youth. When a surprising opportunity comes along that allows him to take on the role of his hero, he discovers there is much more to his childhood champion than meets the eye.

Me, Myself, and Me Again#69

Me, Myself, and Me Again – A man meets other versions of himself from parallel dimensions and soon comes to realize the vital role he will need to play to save millions of universes from destruction.

Ghosts of Castle LongShadow#70

Ghosts of Castle LongShadow – The shadow-infecting blight that thrives on the cursed lands of Castle LongShadow threatens the lives of two young treasure-hunters. They must find a cure before their infected shadows turn them into ghosts…

In the Trenches#71

In the Trenches – Soldiers trapped in the trenches of World War 1 must battle a new demonic enemy that attacks them from the skies.

Tea Time#72

Tea Time – A mysterious tea tantalizes a man with its enigmatic ingredients. Will it truly reveal the secret truth he so desperately longs for?

The Black Coffin#73

The Black Coffin – A strange and ominous black coffin bewitches the residents of a small Kansas town in the 1880’s.

Forest of Fear#74

Forest of Fear – A forest favored by those with suicidal tendencies gives life to a strange creature that unites a despondent young woman with the stalker she had filed a restraining order against. A love story you can only find in the Land of Fright™!

Starseed Seven#75

Starseed Seven – A team of exoplanet explorers encounter the wreckage of an ancient planet-seeding vessel that had disappeared centuries earlier. They soon discover the results of illegally modified seed pods being unleashed on an unsanctioned world…