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Land of Fright™ – Collection VII is available now on Amazon

Land of Fright™ Collection VII is available now on Amazon!


This is the seventh collection in the Land of Fright™ series of weird tales. Land of Fright™ is intended for mature audiences.

Land of Fright™ Collection VII includes these ten horror short stories:

#61 – Garage Sale Secrets: A man finds a mysterious item in a neighborhood garage sale that threatens to reveal the dark secrets of his past.

#62 – Thief’s Reward: A down-on-his-luck thief vows revenge on the wizard who has cursed his manhood.

#63 – Open Up a Can of Whoop Ass: A desperately thirsty homeless man opens up a mysterious beverage and is amazed to discover what comes out of the can. Those who have abused him had better beware…

#64 – Staring Contest: The proprietor of a wax museum warns his guests not to stare too long into the eyes of his wax beauties. Because they just might blink back.

#65 – Penny for Your Thoughts: What if enough people thinking about something made it true? What if enough people thinking about something made it happen? And what if those thoughts were up for sale?

#66 – The Candy Jar: The gift of a candy jar excites three siblings. Until they see what horrors come out of the jar…

#67 – Perils of Poorism: Wealthy tourists take a tour of slums in India to get a glimpse of what life is like for the downtrodden and poor. The downtrodden and poor get a glimpse of what life is like for wealthy tourists when their tour doesn’t go as planned.

#68 – Night Watchman: An elderly security guard listens to an old radio show, fantasizing about being a hero from his youth. When a surprising opportunity comes along that allows him to take on the role of his hero, he discovers there is much more to his childhood champion than meets the eye.

#69 – Me, Myself, and Me Again: A man meets other versions of himself from parallel dimensions and soon comes to realize the vital role he will need to play to save millions of universes from destruction.

#70 – Ghosts of Castle LongShadow: The shadow-infecting blight that thrives on the cursed lands of Castle LongShadow threatens the lives of two young treasure-hunters. They must find a cure before their infected shadows turn them into ghosts…

Step Deeper Into Fear!

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Or if you want a bigger bite of bone-chilling fright, then look for the Land of Fright™ Mega Collections! The Mega Collections contain 25 stories each. Land of Fright™ Mega Collection 1 and Land of Fright™ Mega Collection 2 are available now.

More About the Land of Fright™ Series

The Land of Fright™ series encompasses the vast expanse of time and space. In the Land of Fright™ series you will visit the world of the Past in Ancient Rome, Medieval England, the old West, World War II, and other eras yet to be explored. You will find many tales that exist right here in the Present, tales filled with modern lives that have taken a turn down a darker path. You will travel into the Future to tour strange new worlds and interact with alien societies, or to just take a peek at what tomorrow may bring. And there are many, many new uncharted realms yet to be mapped, so keep checking back for new discoveries.

Land of Fright™ Collection V is now available on Amazon

Land of Fright™ Collection V

Buy Collection V on Amazon

This is the fifth collection in the Land of Fright™ series of short horror stories. The Land of Fright™ series is intended for mature audiences.

Land of Fright™ Collection V includes these ten horror stories:

#41 – The Hatchlings: A peaceful Saturday afternoon barbecue turns into an afternoon of terror for a suburban man when the charcoal briquets he is using in his grill start to hatch! He must find a way to combat the deviant creatures that emerge from the hot coals and save his home from being destroyed.

#42 – Virgin Sacrifice: The world is out of balance. A professor of archaeology is determined to set the world right again using the ancient power of the Aztec sacrifice rituals. He embarks on a trip back to the hidden temple he discovered in the jungles of Mexico, bringing along three virgin women…

#43 – Smog Monsters: The heavily contaminated air in Beijing turns even deadlier when unearthly creatures form within the dense poison of its thick pollution. A group of strangers must find a way to work together to survive against the onslaught of the smog monsters.

#44 – Benders of Space-Time: A young interstellar traveler discovers the uncomfortable truth about the Benders, the creatures who power starships with their ability to fold space-time.

#45 – The Picture: A young soldier in World War II shows his fellow soldiers a picture of his beautiful fiancé during the lulls in battle. But this seemingly harmless gesture from a young man proudly showing off his gorgeous gal is far from innocent…

#46 – Black Ice: A vicious dragon is offered a great gift — a block of black ice to soothe the fire that burns its throat and roars in its belly. Too bad the dragon has never heard of a Trojan dwarf…

#47 – Artist Alley: At a large comic book convention, a seedy comic book publisher sees himself depicted in a disturbing series of artist drawings. He would normally find such homages flattering, except for what he notices happening in each subsequent drawing…

#48 – Dead Zone: A young tech company charters a yacht to celebrate the successful launch of their app. But the yacht soon gets caught adrift in the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico when the engine malfunctions, trapping them in an area of the sea that contains no life because the oxygen has been depleted from the waters. What comes aboard the yacht in search of food cannot really be considered alive…

#49 – Cemetery Dance: A suicidal madman afraid to take his own life attempts to torment a devout Christian man into killing him. But there are some things worse than death…

#50 – The King Who Owned the World: A bored barbarian king demands he be brought a new challenger. But who can you find to battle a king who owns the world? That is the question Alfihar, the trusted advisor to King Revek, needs to answer. The solution comes from a most unexpected place…